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How the Power of Numerology Enhanced My Life

In 1998, I lost my father suddenly as he died at the young age of 50. We had his funeral on his 51st birthday. His heart just stopped.

Things never go as planned and never as smooth as you would like sometimes. In 2001 I was driving from Kelowna where my husband and I had been living at the time, we were setting up a retail business in Kamloops. A semi truck ended up losing some wood, which hit part of my windshield.

Before the wood hit, I was very upset and thinking about my dad, how I missed him how I desperately wanted to have answers to my many questions. I wanted to talk and confide in him again like old times.

After filing the incident with the police, I continued to Kamloops. The lyrics to the song on the radio was “Ain’t it good to be alive.” I thought, WOW yes it is! as tears rolled down my face. I was so grateful, but I still wanted answers.

Answers did come through the more I started to ask. Amazing dreams and clear signs from the universe were flooding in, I then began to trust more and know without a doubt that we continue beyond this life, and that the universe has our backs. We may not see the blessing until later in life when the blessing wrapped in sand paper( as Lis Nichols says) is revealed.

In 2002, while I was at home, my husband Jose was working at our retail store. A man entered, started asking Jose questions about me: my name and birthdate, and he started telling Jose about me.

Jose got me on the phone and said, “You might want to meet this man named Korby Fox.”

Korby knew things about my thought processes and health when my husband said that he never told him anything.As soon as I met Korby and he shared the knowledge of the numbers relating to the letters of my name and birth date, describing in detail me and some of my life’s experiences.

I was hooked from that day on, wanting to know as much as I could, I took up studying the information he gave me. Finding there was a school that taught called Kabalarian Philosophy, I wasted no time in taking all the courses they offered, to soak up as much knowledge as I could. I also studied Egyptian Numerology, anything on Numerology I was engaged in.

I began to get clearer dreams, and a lot of recurring numbers in my daily life. I saw a lot of signs and clarity that there is no doubt the other side, and the spiritual realm was revealing itself to me.

The universe was speaking to me in numbers, and I was hearing clearly what it was saying and how it was guiding me.

I began learning to protect myself through the white light of protection, learning about my spirit guides, angels, and spirit animals that cross our path, what they mean and what we need to pay attention to.I couldn’t get enough of this knowledge.

I decided to change my name in order to add new energy and ways of thinking, opening up more to the Divine intelligence in the Universe to guide and direct me that was more in harmony with my birth path. This process also opened my own inner guidance system. We have all the answers within to reveal what it is that we want for our highest good and growth.

Within a few months, I had begun to think differently and expand my life. The energy was shifting for the better as I was trying on a whole new first name. It really resonated with me as my maiden name was Brooker.

This journey has been an incredible one for me, living in the flow is what we are meant to do and I can help you achieve the results you need to expand your life through the combination of numerology and language. Change your numbers; changes your life!

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I can show you how your numbers are affecting your ability to have joy and fulfillment in your life and work. With my help, you can shift numerologically into the life of your dreams. Let me show you how!

Brooklin-Shevon Demelo

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In my journey of being a business owner since 2001, studying different types of numerology since 2002, along with taken many courses for self improvement along the way, I am uniquely equipped to take you on an incredible journey into knowing your self n a whole new way. I invite you to share a few minutes with me each month learning and growing with the magical world of numbers. The universe speaks its language in math. Using numerology, we can learn to understand these messages from the universe. We have all the answers within us, but sometimes we need a little guidance to keep us on track.

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    Mama Indigo

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