Triple Numbers – Messages from your Angels

Have you had the experience of seeing triple numbers? It may be 111, 222, or 555. Perhaps, you’ve seen them more than once a day. Maybe, you wake up at 4:44. On your way to work, you notice the licence plate on the car in front of you has 444. Later, you answer the phone, and the phone number has 444 in it. The universe is trying to get your attention.

As a numerologist, I see these triple numbers as having significant meaning. Keep this chart handy, and check in with it as you go about your day. If the same triple numbers show up repeatedly, this list will help you understand the message the universe is trying to get across:

000 “This is the Universe no thing, all things, no where but everywhere omnipresent omniscient energy. The one power in the universe and we all can use it.” Earnest Holmes, Science of Mind

111 The angels or your guides letting you know they are around. Start something new; look at a new project.

222 This can be all about partnership and connection; a time to take a look at who you are connecting to.

333 All about love, joy, creativity and self-expression. Who are you making happy today?, What fun are you having? It may be a reminder to have more fun in your life.

444 Pay attention to detail. This is all about foundation, organization and structure. Research may be involved.

555 Take action to move forward. Find the truth or break through a barrier that is hindering your progress.

666 High intelligence, high family and community values. The universe may be letting you know you are out of balance and needing to create stabilization. Become the leader you were meant to be.

777 Very high intuition, strength. It could mean you need to strengthen your intuition, or your intuition is strong; you just need to trust it. Enjoy nature, reading a book, and taking some time to strengthen your connection to Source.

888 Abundance is yours. Get down to business. The eights want fairness, justice and equality for all. If your life is not organized, it can be a sign to get organized; abundance is on the way.

999 The highest universal love, compassion, the ability to be of service. Spiritual healing. Focus on the heights of inspiration rather than the depths of despair. Spread the love.