In this game called life, we can become overwhelmed at how busy the world has become, and all the responsibilities we have as individuals and as a family.  We wear many roles such as mother, father, sister, brother, business owner, husband, wife, caretaker, and so on. We may feel like we are alone in our responsibilities, and this can become burdensome.

Know that you are not alone. We all have guides.

I hope you know that you are never alone as, along with human companionship, there is a powerful spiritual family that you can turn to for guidance and strength. The Spirit world is here for you and for all of us here on this Planet Earth.

I have been led to believe that we all have guides that have been on this Earth school and have mastered this planet and are now in spirit form helping us to evolve and to master earth as well when we are ready.  To sustain happiness and evolve to a higher consciousness I believe as one of my mentors, Clayne Conings said, “Day-to-day requires mastery of those negative feelings, to adapt, learn and evolve into a new higher state of mind, to express all that we are and then begin to see the beauty in all different situations.”

We are here to love all things and all situations, to transcend to a higher consciousness way of life. Yes, all situations that arise in our experience are teaching lessons for us to see how we are going to respond. When we have nasty situations arise in our life, and they happen over and over, we have to begin to respond differently and respond to them with love instead of anger or frustration.  Easier said than done sometimes when you are in that moment.  It takes a rock to fall on one’s head so to speak and ask why does this keep happening to me over and over in different forms, and how can I change it from happening like this?

Look at it with Love. Love is the answer. It seems so simple yet so difficult in the moment. Once you are able to do this, watch how the situations change and the nasty situations start to fade away and become less and less frequent. It takes a strong person not to engage in a negative situation and respond with love and not give back the same energy that is directed at them. We can say to ourselves, “Is the energy I am putting out what am I wanting to receive back in terms of the consequences of that energy? What goes out must come back.

I remember one of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, speaking about the orange story. When you squeeze the orange, what comes out is orange luice.  What comes out when you squeeze you? I ask that it be only LOVE no matter what; have LOVE come radiating out of you.  Be like the orange.  Smiles, Brooklin