When I look at myself as a spiritual being having this human experience, I realize the more I experience, the more gifts are revealed.

Take the gift of intuition as an example. When I haven’t listened to my intuition, things often don’t turn out well, and I can get rather frustrated. The times that I go with my hunch and things turn out in a positive way, I can pat myself on the back.

The more we can pat ourselves on the back, the better.

The feeling of being proud of ourselves raises our vibration and attracts better experiences.

I often ask myself, “Do I want the consequences of the negative vibration that I sent out to the universe?” I don’t think any of us really want that; yet, we do it all the time and wonder why things go wrong.

We do not make the connection to the annoyance of a neighbour’s dog barking and our angrily giving the finger to a fellow driver on the highway. Or the connection to a cheque coming in the mail on the day we helped an older person cross the street.

I first heard of this cause-and-effect relationship from Rhonda Burns in the movie “The Secret” – a life-changing film that I still watch every now and then as a reminder. There are many gifts and talents that each one of us has. Whether they are harnessed or hampered depends on which energy we feed.