I always check in as to whether my scale is tipping towards the strengths of me or towards my weaknesses.  

Take a moment to think of your life and all that it has in it.  Where is your scale tipping?  

Are there more positive things happening or not so much?  I constantly look at what I am choosing; is it based on Love or Fear?  If the fear comes up, I then ask, “What is it that I am afraid of?”  I ponder, what is the worst case scenario? Can I handle it?

If my answer is ‘no’, I do not move forward with what I am thinking of doing. If the answer if ‘yes’, then I can proceed.  

Take a look at your lifestyle and who you hang around. Are they aligning with your values and goals in life? Are the people supportive or non-supportive? 

These important questions will determine your outcomes and experiences. 


Life is meant to be abundant in all areas. We are not meant to suffer.

I once heard Deepak Chopra say that no one has ever proven that getting sick was necessary.

Think about that, and think about where your thoughts are, because where you are today is where your mind put you. That was said by Tai-bo Billy Blanks.

Our life is a reflection, I believe, of our thoughts and feelings.


I often think that nothing is really good or bad; it just is, and we put our own perceptions on situations.

At a soul level, we really don’t know what we agreed upon before we arrived on Planet Earth in this time and space.

Look at your life, and examine what is going on and why. It will become very clear to you as you ASK.

When the student is ready, the teachers appear, and soon the veil gets lifted and you see with new eyes.

As Lisa Nichols said, “The blessings are wrapped in sandpaper.” I love that, because sometimes, later in life, we look back at things we perceived as bad, and yet it turns out to be a blessing, a lesson in disguise.

Things happen to wake us up to change our path or to keep us going down that path with some twists and turns that lead somewhere else. I believe it all is meant for a reason. You are the person you are today because of all those experiences.

Embrace and send love to those experiences as they have shaped you to who you are today.

Remember to be grateful for all that you have daily, and how blessed you really are to have the life you have.