Sometimes, when you think you know someone, you find you really do not know them at all.  Unless I am able to walk in their shoes, I have no idea and no place to judge. Overcoming judgement was something that came easier to me as I got older.

I had many great teachers of love and compassion, especially my grandmother as all she had inside of her was love for all beings and all things. It radiated out of her being. Every time we were together, I was so filled with love energy. I strive to be like Grandmother Terry (may you be at peace, as I am sure you are, given the consciousness with which you left Planet Earth).

When I encounter others who are in a victim mentality and blaming energy, I hold my space and send out as much love as possible.

I want them to see the dysfunction of how their attitude of negativity can affect others as well as what happens in their life.

I want so much for them to shift into that Victor mentality, and assume responsibility for what happens in their life instead of blaming outside circumstances and people.

Ultimately, all I can do is send love and remember to use a technique I learned from Dr Joe Vitalie on Ho’oponopono

The experience I had with using this technique was amazing! I was able to shift the energy of the other person, and say, “Let us start over.” I gave big hugs and got on with the day as the energy shifted more positively.

We can offer love and compassion for what they may be going through and at a very deep level that we may not understand.

Hurt people hurt people!! It was very important for me to not lash out with the same energy, as that helps no one. We can give it the best we can do, and be the person we want to become. Namaste!