All my life, as far back I can remember, I’ve held a love for all animals. I remember always pestering my parents for a dog. It was like I just couldn’t live without a dog, and the thought of caring for those little creatures brought me so much love and joy, it was an excitement and joy to be able to do so.

Many pets have come and passed in my life, who always served a purpose and a reason for being in my life.  The one that stands out the most is a dog named LUCKY, named so because he was lucky to be found alive with his scrawny little body. With his crooked teeth, he was so ugly, he was cute.  He was a rescued terrier that friends found by a dumpster. They brought him to me, because they knew I would care for him and give him his last days of happiness.

It is never easy to have a pet pass over to spirit when it is their time to go, but knowing I can communicate with them anytime is very comforting, even though we must ultimately let them go so they can move on to their next journey. I believe it tells a lot about a person how they treat animals that are in their space and life. I believe animals react to the energy of their surroundings.

All pets have the love inside them to give, and we are blessed to have them in our presence to be one of our greatest teachers. The pets I am blessed to have in my life now are a pug terrier named Twitch and a rescue cross named Bandit. They don’t know how good they have it being able to come to work every day with me to our retail store.  Twitch works out as a 9/2/2. I decided to not change his name and observe the qualities of the 2 energy, which is all about partnerships  and peace. He has been the cuddliest little guy, who is a perfect loyal dog who loves to be with people and gets along with everybody. Bandit, however, can be a handful, and keeps us on our toes.  I have been adjusting his spelling to reflect some different energies I want to bring into his being.  It has been very educational to observe the changes in his behaviour. A work in progress to say the least.  He and Twitch love each other and have become great buddies. It is clear that Bandit is the stronger dog and wants all the attention, but he knows that it does not work that way in our family.

Perhaps, you’re curious about what your pet’s name says about their personality. Or, you may be trying to come up with the right name for your new pet. Please contact me if that is the case, and we can do a numerology session for your furry friend!