Tthere have been many times during my spiritual journey since 2001 that  I have seen the repetition of certain numbers, but it wasn’t until I started asking out loud, “What the heck is this all about and what does this mean for me?”, that answers began to come in different forms as messages, and I learned to decode those messages.

This led me to take a good look at my life: what I was doing and where I was going. The question arose, “How do I know if I am on the right path, and How do I find my purpose for being here?” The very simple answer came by the little voice inside saying that I always have all the answers.

I took a look at the scale of my life; are my experiences more in the positive and flowing freely, or more in the struggle and not flowing so easily?  Were constant problems arising, with tightness and frustration setting in, or was there a light flow of energy feeling? That is a true indication of where you are – on the path or off the path – of why you came here to Planet Earth in the first place.

Really take a good deep look at what you are doing. Are you letting stress take over too much? Are you in the seriousness of life, which you may find out only brings serious results?

You have the power to know all of this on your own. With a little guidance, you can uncover your own truth to what those numbers may mean for you in your own interpretation by experience.  The Universe (or whatever you wish to call your higher power) will guide you when you are ready and open.