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Kabalarian Philosophy


Ask The Expert

Brooklin-Shevon answers some of your frequently asked questions.

Every letter of the alphabet is related to a number from 1-9 as per the Numbers key chart.

Each number carries an energetic positivity, a challenge, a strength and a weakness.  Some numbers may show up more dominantly than others in your name and other influences in your life.

Numerology allows us to see hidden influence the vibration of numbers have on how we think and express in the world.

Mastering numerology helps us to enhance and understand ourselves and each other in a deeper way.

No. Some of us studying numerology for years have chosen to change our names.

However, you can benefit from minor adjustments to your name, with certain initials for example.

Incorporating certain power numbers and abundance numbers  can make a huge difference.

The reading can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on your scope of curiosity and how much you want to learn in one session.

We can discuss your needs in advance, and set up a session that’s right for you.

I changed my name from Shelley DeMelo to Brooklin-Shevon DeMelo because I saw the power in the numbers and wanted to experience what it would do in my life.
Within a month of changing my name, my husband noticed a huge difference in me. Before the change, I was a very serious and not particularly social individual.  I changed my name to bring in the energies of the qualities I was lacking.
I began to look through a new set of eyes with an expanded awareness. As I became more outgoing and fun, opportunities started to present themselves. I started a radio show at a university.
I had taken radio courses as a young adult to bring me out of my shyness, but it wasn’t until I made the legal name change years later that I saw dramatic changes in myself.

My husband actually noticed within the first three months, as he saw changes in my behaviour.  I was a little shocked at how fast my mind shifted perspective.

The more time that passed, the more I noticed changes.  My mind was expanded, and I was loving the new me.

After the “try on” phase and then the concrete legal decision, there was no turning back!  Sure, there were rough patches of adjustment, and I will always have the energy of my birth name.

Everyone responds differently, and it would be great to interview people who have had a legal name change.

My husband was a huge skeptic. He always said he would never change his name. Then, he started to see the new me. Years later, he took his actual birth name legally, which he never went by as a little boy. I noticed a stronger masculine energy brought in than before.

During my years of studying numerology, I have found consistency in the meanings from many different teachers and resources.

“It is a much more complete theory of mind than just Numerology as deeper deals with all facets of the mind the physical, mental and spiritual principles of mind.”  Kabalarian Philosophy

Deeper numerology shows how to see clearly our qualities of thinking and expressing in the world, as well as how others may see what we may not see in ourselves.

The more awareness we have, the more we are able to shift out of negative patterns.

You will gain knowledge of others by awareness of what numbers they are made of, and this can teach you to respond in a more loving, compassionate way.

Interview with Donna on Numerology

Mini-Reading with Brooklin

“When you have too much of one thing or the other it throws off balance, harmony and the individual suffers in many ways. With that imbalance, some of the qualities are suppressed and some of the qualities express too much and one can suffer the consequences of that.”

Clayne Conings

“You may possess a happy or miserable disposition, be healthy or sickly, rich or poor. Whatever problem you might suffer, the source of it is in your mind; you have created the problem consciously or otherwise, and you are responsible for solving it.”

Clayne Conings


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