Iwas blessed to go to Salt Spring Island once again to visit a mentor of mine I have come to know and admire.

Clayne Conings has a charisma and peaceful way about him that can draw out many wonderful experiences.

Clayne studied the Kabalarian Philosophy in his 20s, and was blessed to have this knowledge for many years, living with a balanced name that flows in harmony with his birth path. He learned to cut out the blockages that were occurring due to his birth name.

From the day we left to see Clayne, the weather was iffy, as it had just snowed the day before.  I knew nothing was going to stop me as it was one of those things that trusted everything works out for the greater good if it was meant to be. On the road, I was clutching the steering wheel tightly on slippery snowy conditions with a tremendous amount of fog. It was one of those days where you can just see your headlights.

I kept my positive outlook as I visualized hugging Clayne on safe arrival. The drive got better the closer I got, and the lights were all green. I drove up behind a van that had the name GO WITH THE FLOW Heating and Air Conditioning written on it.

I laughed and said, “Thank you, Universe.” Then I got my most powerful sign – a licence plate with MX 9847.  To me, this means maximum love from spirit family, with the numbers 98 and 47 being of some significance.  1998 was the year my father passed to spirit, and the 47 was the year he was born.

I arrived safely indeed.

The weekend visit included many deep discussions around the evolution of our souls, recognizing the power of love in our lives and having our life and our actions match what we are teaching.

“Outward activities reflect who they are inwardly,” to quote Clayne. It’s important how we calibrate ourselves, as David Hawkins talks about in his book Power Vs Force.

Alfred J Parker could see entities around people, and he removed them to help his students grow.  Bad habits and fear addictions can cause those in lower vibrational frequencies to attract lower entities who feed off of their energy.

“Consciousness taps into wisdom and comes from within” said Clayne. I have internalized through experience that everything is numbers, and the answers can be revealed through math for even health issues related to our physical bodies. Stress is the number one cause of a lot of suffering.

I asked Clayne about this subject, as he hasn’t been to a doctor in many years as he is his own healer. “Be one with your inner consciousness,” he replied.

Getting the facts from my own subconscious is continuous work, as there are a lot of variables with divination tools.

It all depends what state of mind I am in, as I may ask the same question the next day and get a different answer. “Trust yourself but verify,” mentor July Ono taught me.

The trip was amazing, and faster than I wanted it to be. It’s funny how you look forward to something and then you’re back home before you know it.  Until I plan the next trip, I’ll keep you posted. Namaste!