When we get signs and guidance, how can we trust they are authentic and for our own highest good?

When you learn to get clear and protected, you will just know the answer. You have to learn to trust yourself and your ability by what is in your surroundings and your environment.

What do the five people have in common that you are hanging around with the most? What is their mindset and what do you talk about when they are around? Is the conversations empowering and positive or draining and toxic?

The people in your life start to change, the circumstances start to change for the better, as you become mindful of the company you keep, and the conversations you have. You start to attract the finer things in life. You experience those serendipitous moments that make you go hmmm.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and we may not know what that reason is for many years, although everything gets revealed sooner or later.

The results in your life are always the indication of where your consciousness lies. Are you struggling or abundant? Do you look at the glass half empty or half full? Do you see it to believe it, or do you believe it first and then it shows up? Are you waking up every day in gratitude or in grudge of another day? How is your look at life and toward others? Are you appreciative of what others have accomplished and become, or are you not happy for them?

Remember that like attracts like, as we are little magnets in this Universe attracting to us who we are and what we believe to be true for us.

If I am having what I perceive to be a bad day, I will watch the movie “The Secret” again. It was truly life-changing in terms of how I think and feel about life.

We are the creators of our own movie in this game called life. I believe that nothing really is good or bad; it is just life and our own perception.

Take a dandelion, for example; it can be looked at as a beautiful flower able to give us nutrition, or an obnoxious weed we must get rid of. Look at the happy side of life, and what it is that you are grateful for, and make your happy list.

When you are waking up, and when you go to bed, you are most connected to your subconscious to create big positive changes for you. Start your re-programming today!