What folks are saying…

I was so surprised at how accurate it was, gave me a lot to think about, and I am excited to look into it further, looking forward to future results and achieving a more balanced lifestyle.
Alex Reichert, Louis Creek

You have given me such an insight, and I’m shocked at how close the numbers are to how my life has been, and it’s given me such good insight into my life.

Tammy Johnson, Kamloops, BC

In my opinion, names define our character. Brooklin’s numerology is impressively accurate.

She will confirm what you already know about yourself, and possibly reveal more. Highly recommend a session.

Alistair Sutter, Kamloops, BC

WOW, Brooklin, with your reading, you nailed a lot of the same information I have had from past experience as I move forward in my spiritual journey.

Much was a confirmation for me of how the accuracy of numbers are so powerful in our daily lives, and I certainly appreciate what you did for me and would support you any way that I can.

Dan, Kamloops, BC
I’ve believed in numerology ever since I did the numbers for my business. We are the busiest shop in town now, thanks to a small change. I will be doing a name change as well, as  soon as I pick something I like.
Brooklin is the best at what she does. Years of studying have really paid off for her.
I find myself consulting Brooklin first before I do most things now. Thank you Brooklin!
Lisa HolzmanLisa Holzman