One of the most powerful gifts we have been given is our intuition. We can get all the answers we need from our subconscious mind to go in the direction of harmony or go into the direction of destruction. No one has the power over your own mind unless you are giving your power away.

The numbers can help you to see light and dark, as some numbers that influence us can be of an unbalanced nature. To every number 1 through 9, there are strengths, weaknesses, positive aspects, or challenges. One of my mentors, Clayne Conings, mentions, “What makes one person strong and another overly weak, what makes one person talk too much and another talk too little, the abundance of certain numbers in one’s chart can clearly show where dysfunction or balance lies.”

People may want to direct you, and think they now what is best for you. You always have the power to choose for yourself.   

How to uncover those answers from within lies in your openness and willingness to explore your own self.

One technique is to stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms to your side, and ask your body to show you a YES and a NO. Pay attention to where your body wants to sway and how it feels inside at the same time. You can hold an object or a piece of food and ask, “Is this good for me?”

Another muscle-testing method is found in this great article by Judith Swack:

I also found the Pulse test by Dr Arthur Coca a very accurate way to get answers.

The more you practice and get good at communicating with your own subconscious and your own body, the more empowered you become to make your own decisions.

Before I start, I always ask for my highest good to come forth and ask for help from my guides and angels, and only those who are welcome in my space that are for my highest good and growth.

Asking to have the highest possible light and love around me as protection and guidance helps me to be the clearest channel that I can be for myself and others.